Stroke mechanism pressure sensor (ss) series

Stroke mechanism pressure sensor plays the unseen leading role in the drive of entertainment images and in the accelerator of amusement game machines.


  • Pressure sensor with stroke movable mechanism equipment can sense the soft touching pressure of palm and fingertips.
  • Detect contact of F-R characteristic curve similar to spring stroke compression curve.
  • As plastic molded cover type product is being used, the specialty of this product is satisfactory.


  • In the drive of entertainment images and accelerator of game machines.
  • In the volume adjustment of musical instrument and for the water quantity control device.
  • Speed control and stroke contact detection of the variable input part.
  • Responds to soft touch in Amusement game machines.

Shipment inspection specification

F-R characteristic inspection is carried out by placing flexible board on a flat surface and pressure is applied continuously on the dome surface.

Stroke mechanism pressure sensor (ss) series

<Standard Products>


stroke 13mm


includes cord


includes cord and connector

SS-13 Specification
( Coming soon )

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