Inaballs (Precision Finished Balls)

Hardness, Finishing technology and Material Quality Compatibility

Inaballs plays the shadow leading role of the check valve of water purifier and in the already well known PC mouse balls . New products are being developed.



We produce rubber hardness from 50Hs-90Hs

We produce silicone rubber and fluororubber hardness in any hardness from 50Hs-80Hs and NBR, CR, EDPM from 50Hs - 90Hs. for a wider range of uses.

We are able to produce rubber ball containing iron ball for an extra charge. (charge for the metallic mold)

The iron ball in the centre of the rubber ball functions as the check valve for mouse and the ball has a moderate elastic surface and can cope with small deformation.

φ2 -φ26 production possible

Please contact us regarding the size.

High quality rubber materials used (NBR, CR, EPDM, silicone, fluororubber)

We produce and develop according to your requirement and needs (for example temperature requirement either high or very low, high intensity, grease resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, non adhering system, ozone resistance ).

We also produce non finished balls


The usage of inaballs

· Reverse flow prevention - check valve

· Safety valve, Front valve

· Pump, Valve

· Computer mouse (with iron ball in the centre)

· Vibration absorber slide mobile equipment

Accuracy(mm) φ2.0 - φ9.0 ±0.1
φ9.0 - φ11.0 ±0.15
φ11.0 ±0.2
Hardness (Hs) Silicone rubber, fluororubber(50Hs - 80Hs)
NBR, CR, EPDM (50Hs - 90Hs)
Surface finish No400 - No1500 (Standard No400)
Color NBR, CR, EPDM, fluororubber (black), Silicone rubber (white, black, blue, yellow, red, green)
Specialty Iron ball inside, smooth surface (non adhering system)

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Inaballs (High Precision finished rubber balls)

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