We are 'cushion' oriented towards bringing the present prosperity to the future of the earth.
Since our foundation in 1963 what has not change for the last 40 years is our challenging spirit in taking up the role of creating more advanced rubber. Owning to that we were allowed to participate in the development of WALKINGGOMU (WALKINGRUBBER) fabricated in the drive part of the self contained intelligent robot which has marched into the limelight. Although it is regarded as the most basic and simple field, I silently take pride in the development of this original technology as it ought to be regarded as the advanced field. Allow me to mention some of the items which I am involving, vibration function of cellular phone, automatic window, car foldable mirror, computer pressure pen, musical instrument pitch, and tone controller. These advanced rubber used in these instruments has sense and joints which are so indispensable in our life.

The happiness and comfort we are contributing to this society will be enjoyed by our children and the generation to come and importantly in turn becomes a contribution to the environment. There is much possibility that rubber may represent in this field. Moreover, we are moving towards the old aged society. In favor to these people who set up the basic background of the present society, I would like to make my contribution towards creating a barrier free society through the use of rubber technology.

This is only a mere part of what I am aiming at, lets get together to develop useful technology that brings happiness as well as comfort to the people of the world with a cushion like flexible ideas.


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