Company Name INABA RUBBER CO.,LTD Osaka Head Office
Osaka Head Office
Founded 1ST DECEMBER 1963
Company Established 1ST FEBRUARY, 1968
Capital 8,600 million
Accounting Period 30th September
Head Office 3-3-15, Kyomachibori, Nisiku, Osaka.
Risona Bank Umedakitaguchi Branch
Staff 115 persons (to this day April 2002)
Company Business Petan Cushion®, Inaball®, Pressure Conductive Sensor"Inasutoma", JIS O ring, diaphragm, High Preicison molded products, Nonlinear Finite System Analysis

Development Laboratory - Tottori,
Manufacturing base - Tottori, Tokyo, Osaka, China
Sales headquarter - Osaka .
Sales office - Tokyo, Osaka, Tottori, North Kyushu and Hong Kong

[For inquiry contact Tokyo Branch , Overseas section.]

1-12-7 Iidabashi Center bldg 3F. Iidabashi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0072, Japan.
Tel : (03)3263-9521 FAX : (03)3234-0626
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Tokyo Branch
Tokyo Branch
Tottori Plant
Tottori Plant


December 1963 Foundation of INABA RUBBER INDUSTRY at Unagitani, Osaka.
September 1977 Opening of Tottori Plant.
April 1982 Tottori Plant's O rings acquired JIS approval.
April 1983 Establishment of the Research and Development Division aiming at Development research.
March 1986 The development of the finishing technology of precision rubber balls "Inaballs."
Obtained Trademark Registration on July, 1989.
June 1990 The development of Elastomer Pressure Conductive Sensor Instomer.
August 2000 Tottori Plant acquired ISO9002 approval.
July 2001 Lang Fang Inaba Rubber established in Lang Fang China.
August 2003 Tottori Plant acquired ISO9001 : 2000 approval.
October 2004 Acquired ISO 14001 approval.
October 2005 Acquired ISO 19001 approval.
March 2006 The Hong Kong office(INABA RUBBER HONG KONG LIMITED) was established to Kowloon in Hong Kong.
April 2006 INABA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD was merged and it was made INABA RUBBER CO.,LTD Osaka Factory.

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