Flexible Plank(SFseries)

Detection of rolling and writing pressure
Contact, Gap and Narrow part detection


  • The thickness of the sensor is t=0.7 - t=1.0mm thin, detection of narrow portion is possible.
  • Detection of delicate and part as small as 3.0mm - 5.0mm is possible.
  • Easy attachment to narrow or curved places.
  • Applicable to electric current as high as 5mA and direct LED drive is possible.
  • High flexibility in comparison with strain gauge sensor.
  • As compared with semiconductor pressure sensor, detection of direct contact is possible.
  • Standard product connecting cord holder (L.LT.type)is available.
  • We accept special order for sensor detection part of 5mm and above.


  • Rolling pressure detection.
  • Detection of the robot fastening load and pressure.
  • Detection of the finger tip contact pressure.
  • Touch switch sensor (tactile sensor).
  • Gap detection sensor.
  • Writing pressure detection.
  • Object contact detection.

Shipment inspection specification

R2.5mm(70 hemispheres rubber Hs)F-R characteristic inspection is carried out with INASTOMER sensor on a flexible board moving and loaded.

Flexible Plank(SFseries)

<Standard Products>


Head of pressure sensitive conductor 3mm.


Head of pressure sensitive conductor 4mm.


Head of pressure sensitive conductor 5mm.


includes cord.


cord and connector.

SFtype Specification
( Coming soon )

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