Rubber molded Cover (SR series)

Detection of object weight in harsh environment, contacts distinction, pressure and contacts of robot printing machine.


  • The strength and weakness of the pressure can be detected continuously by pressing the plastic molded part(φ3.0) rubber push part (φ3.0) without touching the sensor detection part directly.
  • A durable product using polycarbonate on the case of the sensor detector giving protection against external load and dust.
  • Applicable to electric current as high as 5mA and direct LED drive is possible.
  • As compared with semiconductor pressure sensor, detection of direct contact is possible.
  • Standard product connecting cord holder (L.LT.type)is available.


  • Detection of object weight distinction in harsh environment, detection of contacts distinction, detection of pressure and contacts distinction.
  • Detection of pressure and contacts in robot printing machine.
  • Commercial use, home use, detection of contacts in industrial robot. in harsh environment.

Rubber molded Cover (SR series)

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Outline dimension 11x10mm


includes cord


includes cord, connector

SR·D-H type specification
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SR·D-S type specification
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SR·P-H type specification
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SR·P-Stype specification
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