Rubber molded cover dome type (SR.D series)

Detection of weight distinction, fingertips pressure contacts, cylinder form objects such as canned drinks and bottles in automatic vending machine.


  • The strength and weakness of the pressure can be detected continuously by pressing the rubber molded (NBR)dome(R8.3) part without touching the sensor detection part directly.
  • The sensor cover itself is soft, rubber molded (NBR) and it has a stainless steel cover (SUS 304) for protection against external load, harsh environment and dust.
  • As the sensor itself is soft and the surface is dome shaped, roll over detection is possible without the detection part getting stuck.
  • The sensor itself is screwed to an epoxy plank enable detection of delicate contacts pressure.
  • Applicable to electric current as high as 5mA and direct LED drive.
  • Please choose the product according to the requirement of the installation position and size.


  • Automatic detection of cans, bottles and cylinder form objects, weight and contact pressure distinction detection.
  • Rollover objects detection automatic detection, commercial machines detection rollover pressure detection, fingertips contact pressure detection. (Automatic Vending Machines, Cans, bottles).
  • Detection of soft touch contacts.

Rubber molded cover dome type (SR.D series)

<Standard Products>


Plank max outline dimension 12x15mm


Plank max outline dimension 14.8x17.4mm


Height from plank base 3.5mm


Height from plank base 5.2mm


includes cord


includes cord and connectors

SR·D-H type specification
( Coming soon )

SR·D-S type specification
( Coming soon )

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